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Application & Agreement For Hosting A Mat Workshop
Host Facility Name
City, State, Zip
Director Name
Director Phone
Director Email

I wish to apply to have PILATES INSTITUTTE OF AMERICA (PIA) come to the facility named above and conduct a live workshop for:

       Mat Foundations
       Advanced Mat

I wish to have this live workshop conducted on the following 2 consecutive days:(include month and year)

I understand that I must provide PIA with the following:

  1. The use of a room large enough to accommodate up to 16 people
  2. Access to the facility and room from 8am to 6pm on Day 1 and 8am to 4pm on Day 2
  3. At least 20 exercise mats (NOT yoga mats)
  4. At least ONE full length (from baseboard up) mirror in the said room
  5. Temperature control within the said room

I understand that in order for PIA to send an authorized Master Instructor to our facility to conduct this teacher training workshop I must provide PIA with tuition in one of two ways:

$2500 and can place up to 10 students in this workshop
$359 per person with a 6 person minimum

The tuition cost includes manuals and testing, plus certificates of completion and CEC's

I will provide PIA with the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of these students no later than 4 weeks before Day 1 of the workshop.

I also understand that I must provide PIA with a 50% deposit within two weeks of the date of this application in order to hold the above date, reserve the instructor and book this live workshop. I also agree that the remaining 50% tuition will be paid no later than two weeks prior to Day 1 of the workshop.

PIA and HOST FACILITY must discuss, no later than 7 days prior to the workshop, the total number of participants enrolled. If minimum numbers have not been met, PIA shall have the right to cancel the workshop.

Yes, I agree to all of the above and release PILATES INSTITUTE OF AMERICA, from any and all liability during and immediately following the above workshop.
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