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Karolina Salinas - Master Instructor

Born into a family of European gymnasts, Karolina was raised with the love and appreciation of movement. She studied many sport disciplines (various forms of dance, martial arts, and gymnastics, to name a few). She moved to the U.S. and lived in Louisiana where she graduated from the University of New Orleans, majoring in creative writing, premedical sciences, and history. Since fitness has been a major focus in Karolina's life, she used a "no pain, no gain" philosophy to push her body beyond its limits. A wake up call came in the form of a back injury that left Karolina bed ridden for many weeks. She credits Pilates for her full and complete recovery and for saving her from surgery. Karolina is now an advocate for the mind body connection in fitness and in life. She is certified in Mat, Standing Pilates, and Pilates apparatus through PIA, the Physical Mind Institute as well as Balanced Body. She is a master teacher for PIA. Karolina also teaches a variety of yoga classes. She is a RYT YogaFit instructor. She also holds an AFAA group fitness certification.