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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pilates?
Joseph Pilates is the man that the Pilates method was named after. The Pilates method is about total body strength training while at the same time maintaining the body’s flexibility. Pilates can tone stubborn body parts like the abs and buttocks and can improve flexiblity without ever having to stretch. Pilates works the body from the inside out and strengthens muscles without adding bulk – only definition. The question “What is Pilates?” is difficult to answer because it is so many things and it does so many thigns. Pilates makes you taller, stronger, fitter, more limber, better able to breathe, helps improve cholseterol, blood pressure and energy. Its something we should all do on a daily basis.

How can I get certified to be a Pilates teacher?
The Pilates Institute of America has a full range of online and live workshops that will prepare you for our certification process. Becoming a Pilates teacher is a fun challenge that involves taking several courses and studying the material, procaticing with friends and family and passing the different levels satisfactorily.

Do you teach Pilates reformer training?
Yes. The PIA reformer training programs have different levels of courses that prepare you for a wonderful career as a Pilates Reformer teacher.

Do you teach Pilates Equipment Training?
Yes. The PIA Equipment training programs have different levels of courses that prepare you for a wonderful career as a Pilates teacher. We offer Pilate srefiormer. Pilates Cadillac, Pilates Chair and three different Pilates Barrels. We also offer courses in small appratus and portable equipment.

Do you have Pilates DVD’s for Mat and Equipment training?
Yes. The PIA courses are backed up by Pilates DVD’s of exercises in action which often include teaching tips from PIA educational director Frankie Puglisi. We offer Pilates DVD’s for Mat and Equipment.

Do you have Pilates Home Study courses for Mat and Equipment?
Yes. The PIA curriculum is so detailed and thorough that having the ability to watch DVD’s of exercises in action and to hear teaching tips from PIA educational director Frankie Pulgisi right on your computer, make our Pilates home study courses the best in the industry.

Do you use the Pilates Ball or Pilates Circle in your training?
Yes. We have home-study and online training courses available using the Ball and Circle. We also offer a Pilates Ball DVD for you to workout with.

Does this count as a Personal Training Certification?
Joseph Pilates developed this as a full body workout. Personal training does the same thing. Although a Pilates certificaiton is different to a weight training certification it is definitley a personal training certification since you will be working one on one with clients.

Can you help me start a Pilates Studio?
PIA can help with everything involved in setting up and running a Pilates studio. From location, landlord negotions and legal matters to equipment choices and classes to offer. Owning a Pilates studio is a joy because you get to do something you love but a Pilates studio is still a buisness and as such needs some strategic planning. PIA is here to help.

Do you sell Pilates Videos?
PIA have an ever grwoing line of Pilates videos and Pilates DVD’s. Check out our Store for a complete list of current titles. And check back often to see the new releases.

Do you sell Pilates Equipment?
Yes. PIA is an authorized re-seller of Stott and Balanced Body Pilates requipment. We can offer you 10-20% off your purchases when you order through us.